zoolove Sam Giraffe with TPR Neck Puppy Toy – 1 Toy

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The zoolove Sam Giraffe with TPR Neck puppy toy has so much to offer you and your puppy! There is a hidden squeaker in the giraffeÕs tummy which animates your little dog to lots of fun games. And the crackling paws attract your pupÕs attention inviting it to chew and play. All in all, ideal for a session of non-stop fun! The neck and the nubs stimulate your dogÕs gums during chewing or biting. The tough and flexible TPR (thermoplastic rubber material, means that itÕs soft enough but resilient. It wonÕt damage your dogÕs teeth. And when your dog is tired after all that playing, this soft toy makes for an ideal cuddling partner. With its beaming, friendly smile Sam the giraffe is bound to put you and your puppy in a playful mood! And when you purchase the zoolove Sam Giraffe with TPR Neck Puppy Toy you are helping pets in need because 10%* of the sale price of each zoolove product goes to a selected animal charity. zoolove Sam Giraffe with TPR Neck Puppy Toy at a glance: Puppy toy, versatile and adaptive Squeaker and crackling paws: animates and invites to play Neck with TPR chew toy: perfect for chewing, tough Very soft Ideal for cuddling Cute design: colourful, smiling giraffe Colour: blue Material: 100% polyester/ TPR (thermoplastic rubber) Dimensions: approx. 22 x 10 x 6 cm (L x W x H) Just a little means a lot – zoolove cares!


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