Xanthos Cat Tree – Beige

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Your cat will be amazed when it sees the wonderful Xanthos Cat Tree. It has cosy dens where your cat can hide away, comfortable hammocks where they can snooze and take it easy, amazing platforms to climb up to and more sisal-covered posts that they can possibly wish for. The Xanthos Cat Tree is a cat dream come true! Most cats love to perch themselves up high and watch the world go by. They enjoy the feeling of security and the two cosy sleeping hammocks are perfect for a peaceful snooze. The platforms and dens are cleverly arranged so that even if your cat is not such a good climber, they can use them to easily clamber into one of the hammocks. There is plenty to keep more timid cats amused lower down the cat tree. If your cat does not like heights, they can still enjoy hiding away in the dens. Each den is built around two posts which are covered in plush and the ideal place to snuggle up and sleep. The Xanthos Cat Tree at a glance: Ceiling-high cat trees with lots of levels and places to sleep Suitable for cats up to 6kg Suitable for multi-cat households Two large, plush-covered dens: a perfect retreat to have a snooze in Two round hammocks and three platforms: fun areas for your cat to climb up and explore Plenty of sisal posts: great for scratching and climbing up! Colour: Beige Size: Total dimensions: 70 x 40 x 235-265 cm (L x W x H) 1 base plate: 70 x 40 cm (L x W) 2 oval dens: 40 x 30 x 30 cm (L x W x H) 2 round hammocks (with metal edge): Diameter: 40cm Sleeping area: 35 x 35 cm (L x W) 3 platforms: Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm (L x W) Plush-covered Adjustable ceiling height 11 sisal-covered posts: 9cm (diameter) 1 x 52cm 2 x 51cm 1 x 50cm 1 x 45cm 3 x 40cm 2 x 30cm 1 x 20cm 4 plush-covered posts: 9cm (diameter) Length: 4 x 30cm Please note: As an added safety measure to support the cat tree as well as to prevent it accidentally tipping, we recommend using a wall bracket to secure any cat tree. You can purchase the wall bracket from zooplus. Please click here for further information: Cat Tree Wall Bracket. As with any other product, please check regularly for any damage, loose joints or screws and replace the item if it is damaged or defective to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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