Vax Hf86-Dv-B Dust And Vac Hard Floor Cordless Cleaner

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The Vax HF86-DV-B Dust and Vac Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is perfect for quick clean-ups on hard floors. It is ultra lightweight at only 1.7kg, so you can easily carry it around your home, and can be used as a mop as well as a vacuum. Thanks to a rechargeable battery and cordless operation there’s no need to worry about stopping to change the plug. The floorhead also features flexible edges that lift up to clean right into corners and up to skirting boards for a more thorough clean. The Dust and Vac twist head also means it’s easily manoeuvrable, so you can clean under furniture effortlessly. The Dust and Vac also comes with a washable Microfibre Grab Pad mop head, which captures dust and dirt leaving your floors looking spotlessly clean. Carpet Pickup: N Cordless: N Handheld: N Hardfloor Pickup: N 10.8 volts 8 minutes running time Microfibre Grab Pad included Suitable for hard floors


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