Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar – Various colours

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Every cat needs an adorable accessory like the Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar. It comes in beautiful spring colours such as pink, grey and green with cute circle, flower and dot design. It adds style and sophistication to every catÕs neck and is fully adjustable, so you can be sure your catÕs new collar is the perfect fit. The click fastener is quick and easy to use, as well as practical, making it simple to put the Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar on or take it off. The little bell on the Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar is ideal for a number of reasons. Firstly, it ensures you donÕt lose your cat and helps you recognise where it is around the house. It can also act as a warning to wild birds that are about to become the unsuspecting prey of your feline! Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar at a glance: Cat collar Cute design: in spring colours decorated with dots, circles and little flowers With litte bell: so that you and wild birds know where your cat is Fully adjustable: to fit each individual neck Click fastener: easy to put on and remove Colour: pink, green, grey (cannot be selected) Material: nylon, plastic Dimensions: fully adjustable


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