Smilla Tender Poultry Saver Pack 12 x 200g – Tender Poultry with Beef

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Can your cat hardly wait to eat its Smilla wet cat food? Smilla is a high quality, grain-free complete feed that provides an irresistibly mouth watering experience for connoisseur cats. Smilla comes in a variety of flavours – something for every palate. The recipes are free from sugar, taste enhancers, preservatives, soy and lactose. Smilla comes in both meaty and fishy flavours. Natural ingredients, healthy vitamins and taurine provide your cat with all the nutrients it needs. Smilla Tender Poultry will not only treat your cat, it will also provide a healthy, balanced diet. Choose between the following saver packs: 12 x 200g Tender Poultry with Poultry Hearts 12 x 200g Tender Poultry with Beef 12 x 200g Tender Poultry with Lamb 12 x 200g Tender Poultry with Fish The right balance of calcium and phosphorous also plays a vital role in the development of healthy bones. The balance of both minerals in Smilla wet food is between 1:1 and 2:1, the ideal ratio for your pet. Smilla Tender Poultry at a glance: No grain, gluten-free: The grain-free recipe of Smilla Tender Poultry does not put unneccessary burden on the digestive system, which is not designed to process large quantities of grain. It’s therefore gluten-free. With vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in your cat’s nutrition. Vitamin D supports the regulation of calcium levels, which is important for the bone structure. Vitamin A and E promotes healthy eyesight, skin and coat. With taurine: Taurine is an essential nutrient for cats, but their bodies cannot produce sufficient quantities of it. It has added taurine to help support your cat’s healthy eyesight and heart function. Gently prepared: The carefully selected ingredients are combined cold and then gently cooked. This preserves the natural and delicious flavour. No added sugars, flavourings or preservatives: Smilla Tender Poultry contains no added sugar, flavour enhancers or preservatives. With careful selection and processing of ingredients, all the essential nutrients your cat needs, and a delicious flavour your cat will love, Smilla products really stand out from the rest. Smilla is simply irresistible!


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