Simpsons Premium 90/10 Adult Cat – Mixed Meat & Fish – Economy Pack: 2 x 6kg

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The recipe of this Simpsons Premium Adult 90/10 Mixed Meat & Fish Dry Cat Food is inspired by the natural nutritional needs of your cat, which is why is contains such an extraordinarily high content of premium meat and fish. 90% chicken, herring, salmon and turkey provides your adult cat with valuable animal protein and nutrients needed to stay happy and healthy, while 10% fruits and vegetables round off this complete food with a variety of minerals and vitamins. A perfectly balanced dish! The prebiotics (FOS) in this dish help make this food highly digestible as well as supporting healthy gut flora. Cranberry extract is a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as supporting urinary tract health. Simpsons Premium Adult Cat 90/10 Mixed Meat & Fish Dry Cat Food prides itself on being grain-free, making it ideal for even the most sensitive of cats. Every ingredient is of the finest quality and is suitable for human consumption. It is a dish free from colours, flavours and preservatives. Simpsons Premium Adult Cat 90/10 Mixed Meat & Fish Dry Cat Food at a glance: High quality complete dry food for adult cats 90% meat and fish: the extremely high animal protein content from chicken, herring, salmon and turkey provides your cat with species-appropriate, natural nutrition 10% fruits and vegetables: sweet potato and carrot complete this meat-rich recipe Hypoallergenic: grain- and gluten-free to make it suitable for those with allergies or intolerances Balanced recipe: with a rich variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to provide your cat with a balanced, complete nutrition to care for its overall wellbeing With FOS: prebiotics support healthy digestion Cranberry extract: known for its supportive qualities for your catÕs urinary tract For a strong heart: thanks to taurine and L-carnitine With yucca extract: this can help reduce unpleasant stool odour Premium ingredients: suitable for human consumption Free from colours, flavours and preservatives Made in Britain


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