Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care – Economy Pack: 2 x 13kg

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Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care dry dog food is designed for medium-sized adult dogs with a tendency to gain weight. 30% to 40% of all dogs are overweight. Excess weight can affect your dog’s health, leading to diabetes or joint problems and potentially even reducing their life expectancy. Dogs are more likely to gain unwanted weight if they have been castrated or enjoy a less active lifestyle, while some dogs also have a genetic predisposition to obesity. Other causes for weight gain can include excessive eating habits and an unbalanced diet. Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care has been developed to combat these factors. This dry dog food can help to combat obesity, supporting your dog’s health and physical condition. The special recipe is rich in protein (27%) to promote muscle development and maintenance. The low fat content (11%) and calorie reduction of 20% compared to a typical maintenance diet also helps to restrict weight gain. Added L-carnitine mobilises the body’s fat reserves and can stimulate the burning of fat, while barley and selected dietary fibres contribute to a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. Royal Canin Medium Light dry food also contains omega-3 fatty acids to help prevent inflammatory diseases and optimise oxygen supply to the brain. The included antioxidants act as a defence against free radicals, supporting your dog’s immune system. Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care at a glance: Complete dry food for medium-sized (11-25kg) adult dogs from 12 months of age that have a tendency to gain weight Contains 20% fewer calories*: helps to reduce or maintain your dog’s weight High protein content (27%): supports the maintenance of existing muscle mass and promotes muscle development Low fat content (11%): promotes the maintenance of an ideal weight Satisfies your dog’s appetite: selected dietary fibres contribute to a longer-lasting feeling of fullness With L-carnitine: mobilises the body’s fat reserves, reduces fat retention and can support the burning of fat With barley: prevents hunger pangs between meals With valuable omega-3 fatty acids from fish and soya oil: supports athletic performance, improves oxygen supply to the brain and boasts an anti-inflammatory effect For a stable immune system: Synergistic antioxidant complex: helps to defend against free radicals Mannan-oligosaccharides: limit the development of disease-causing bacteria and strengthen the body’s immune defences in the gut Vitamin C and E: support the neutralisation of free radicals and protect the body’s cell membranes Well-accepted: due to the carefully selected nutrients and natural aroma protection Also suitable for fussy dogs: special kibble shape, size and structure supports food intake * Compared to a typical maintenance diet. Kibble:


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