Rinti Canine Intestinal – Lamb – 6 x 400g



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Rinti Canine Intestinal Ð Lamb is a complete wet food which has been specifically developed for dogs which have gastro-intestinal or stomach problems. This nutritious food is easy to digest. A light diet puts less strain on the digestive system and this delicious wet dog food is suitable for dogs with a sluggish digestive system. It can also help to soothe acute intestinal absorption disorders. It is rich in electrolytes since dogs with absorption problems often suffer from nutritional and trace element deficiencies. Rinti Canine Intestinal helps to compensate for these deficiencies. Lamb is a source of appetising animal protein which provides your dog with valuable energy. It is also low in fat and easy to digest. Together with chicken and rice, it provides dogs with sensitive digestions or those suffering from digestive illnesses with a nutritional and tasty meal. Rinti Canine Intestinal Ð Lamb also contains psyllium which helps to regulate the digestive system. The tasty wet food is rounded off with important vitamins and nutrients. Rinti Canine Intestinal lamb and rice is a balanced, wholesome wet food that your dog will enjoy. RINTI Canine Intestinal Ð Lamb at a glance : Dietetic wet food for adult dogs suffering with gastro-intestinal problems Suitable for dogs with digestive insufficiency or acute intestinal absorption disorders High electrolyte content: To provide your dog with an adequate supply of nutrients With psyllium: premium fibre which can help to regulate the digestive system Low fat content: For increased digestibility With 32% lamb: A well-accepted, easy to digest source of animal protein With chicken & rice: Easy to digest animal protein and a healthy source of carbohydrates With vital vitamins and nutrients


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