Outback Freerun Octagonal Run – 80 cm x 75 cm (H x W)

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This large octagonal-shaped run is made from 8 metal elements. Each element is 75 cm high so it is not easy for your pet to jump out. The sides are held together with stakes which can also be used to anchor the pen to the ground and there is a door in one side so you can connect further runs or a hutch. Individual elements can be easily removed or added in to make the run smaller or bigger as required. A black sun protector is also included in delivery available, half of which is made of netting and the other half of polyester. This provides your pet with somewhere to while away the time in the shade on hot days. It attaches securely to the run with a zip so your pet is also protected from attacks by other animals in the vicinity. Dimension of individual side element: Outback Freerun Octagonal Run at a glance: extra large run variable size, expandable with other runs each element: 74 cm x 80 cm (H x W) door size: approx. 50 x 36 cm (H x W) bar spacing: 3 cm bar thickness: 3 / 3.8 mm (vertically / horizontally) apprx. ¯ 1.75 m (total) incl. black sun protector (half netting, half polyester) – We recommend that you never leave your pets in the pen without the sunshade easy attachment of sun protector to run with a zipper easy assembly This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland Please note: Do not leave your pet unsupervised in the run. Never leave your pet alone with toys or items likely to cause injury.


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