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Cats are carnivorous by nature, with behaviour and eating habits very similar to those of wild cats such as tigers, lions and leopards. If your cat lived in the wild, its nutrition would be made up of fresh, protein-rich meat with a low fat content. Optimanova Kitten is a species appropriate cat food that is adapted to the special nutritional needs of growing kittens aged between 2 and 12 months. Many cats have sensitivities towards certain types of meat in their diet, so to avoid any intolerances this kibble contains only healthy chicken as the single source of protein. This food is a Mono-Protein kibble. With a 75% meat content, this presents the optimal provision of quality protein for your kitten. Our high-tech manufacturing systems allow us to process fresh meat so that it is only heated once during the entire manufacturing process. This means that there is a lower denaturation of the protein, and maintains its first-class quality. The process also helps to conserve more nutrients and vitamins. Around 40% of the meat content is fresh meat with 0% bone. 30% comes from dehydrated meat, which provides essential amino-acids, and 5% dehydrated liver. This ensures that the food is highly digestible. Essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can help to strengthen the immune system and protect against disease. It can also support the development of a healthy nervous system and circulation during growth and gestation. Zinc helps to promote skin cell renewal and a shiny, healthy coat. FOS are prebiotics that act to protect the gut from the spread of harmful bacteria and also promote good bacteria, creating a balanced gut flora. MOS is another prebiotic that helps to eliminate bad bacteria and reduce their growth, whilst strengthening the efficiency of the bodyÕs immune system. The essential amino-acid, taurine is especially important for cats, as their bodies do not generate enough of it, and yet it supports their sight and heart function and can help to prevent heart and stomach problems. Optimanova Kitten at a glance: For growing kittens aged 2 -12 months. Also suitable for pregnant cats and nursing mother cats Mono-Protein: with easily digested poultry as the single protein source Unique, high-tech yet gentle manufacturing process 75% meat 40% fresh meat: The up-to-the minute manufacturing process allows us to process fresh meat by only heating it once, leading to a very low denaturisation of the proteins. This means that the protein content of the food is of excellent quality and vitamins and other nutrients are conserved. 0% bone. 30% dehydrated meat: Protein-rich and high in essential amino acids which help to build the bodyÕs own proteins and enzymes 5% hydrolysed liver: Splitting the protein chains in liver makes it easy to digest, healthier and rich in proteins and vitamins Wheat free with easily digested rice: Rice is easy to digest and has a lower allergic potential than wheat Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: To help to strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases. Can also promote the health of the nervous system and circulation. Healthy skin and coat: Zinc, Omega-3 and Omega-6 can help with skin renewal and promote a shiny coat Prebiotics, FOS & MOS: FOS can help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and promote good bacteria in the gut, creating a balanced gut flora. MOS can help to rid the body of harmful bacteria, reduce their spread and increase the efficiency of the bodyÕs own immune defences Taurine-rich: Powerful amino-acid that cannot be produced in sufficient quantity by the catÕs own body. Can promote good eyesight and good heart function, as well as help to prevent heart problems and digestive issues Citrus extracts: Contain powerful antioxidants that slow the ageing process and protect cells from attack by free radicals.


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