Nutro Natural Choice Adult Lamb & Rice – 15kg



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Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice dog food for adult dogs is North America’s most popular and best selling lamb and rice product. Nutro Choice Lamb & Rice dog food was specially developed to improve skin and fur quality, it contains a reduced number of ingredients and is therefore also suitable for pets with allergies. Nutro Natural Choice Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food at a glance: Optimal linoleic acid content ensures for healthy skin and a glossy coat Lamb & Rice dog food with min. 26 % dried lamb protein and min. 26 % rice Fewer ingredients means fewer allergic reactions Increased levels of vitamin E, vitamin C and taurine to support the immune system Appropriate levels of vitamin D3 according to top nutritional guidelines Fish oil provides valuable EPA & DHA fatty acids for healthy brain development Increased levels of biotin to support improved health of skin and fur Easy on the stomach; ideal even for the more sensitive dogs Glucosamine and chondroitin as a basis for healthy joints Great taste and easy to digest due to the high quality of the ingredients makes this an incredibly popular meal Special mix of antioxidants to strengthen the immune system Marigold extract provides valuable lutein (a natural anti-oxidant) Rosemary extract as a natural preservative When fats and oils come into contact with oxygen their taste and nutritional value deteriorates. Nutro places great importance on freshness, which is why all Nutro dog food is made without artificial preservatives. A special combination of vitamin C and tocopherols (vitamin E in its natural form) ensures natural preserving. Nutro dog food does not contain artificial colourings.


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