KONG Snacks Liver – Large (312g)

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These delicious KONG Snacks Liver are ideal for filling a KONG toy, offering your dog hours of entertainment as it extracts the tasty treats. They can also be used as small snacks between meals, or to reward good behaviour and successful training. The recipe of the KONG Snacks Liver contains high quality 100% natural ingredients, including a high proportion of chicken liver (35%), which is rich in flavour that your dog will love. They are available in two different sizes and fit perfectly into a range of KONG toys. They can also be used with other feeding toys. KONG Snacks Liver at a glance: Tasty dog treats Ideal for filling toys: fit easily into KONG toys, making them even more enticing for your dog Extends playtime: keep your pet entertained for hours 100% natural recipe: only the finest ingredients With 35% chicken liver: particularly delicious and aromatic Treats or snacks: can be fed between meals or as a reward for good behaviour or training Perfect size and shape for KONG toys as well as other feeding toys Size: Small: 4g each, ideal for small or medium KONG toys Large: 7g each, ideal for large or extra large KONG toys


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