JR Farm Farmy’s 6 Pieces – Strawberry (6 Pieces)

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These tasty baked nibble sticks have a stable hook (not plastic) on which the sticks can be easily hung in the cage or run. These baked snacks are suitable for all small pets and contain plenty of healthy ingredients. In contrast to other nibble treats for small pets, Farmy’s do not contain any sugar, honey, or other starchy bonding agents, but are baked in the oven. Only this traditional method ensures an especially tasty flavour and hard consistency. This makes Farmy’s sticks not only long-lasting treats, but also a great method for promoting tooth abrasion. Farmy’s do not contain artificial flavours, scents or colours but rather natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs. See for yourself! JR Farm Farmy’s 6 Pieces at a glance: Baked in an oven the traditional way, no binding agents! Helps to wear down teeth Free from artificial flavours and colours Contains real fruit, vegetables and herbs Attached with plastic hooks


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