IAMS Naturally Dog Adult – Salmon – 2.7kg



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The natural, digestible ingredients that go into this delicious IAMS Naturally Dog Adult Salmon help to visibly improve your dogÕs overall wellbeing. This complete premium dry food is suitable for all breeds and has been specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs aged 1 to 6 years. It is rich in valuable animal protein, which is needed to ensure strong, lean muscles are developed. This IAMS Naturally Dog Adult Salmon contains 14% North Atlantic salmon that has been sustainably fished and ensures this food has a fabulous flavour that your dog wonÕt be able to resist. It is also a great source of unsaturated omega fatty acids, known to be beneficial to skin and coat health. The selected natural ingredients are combined with an increased fibre content, easy to digest rice (14%) and prebiotics to ensure that this IAMS Naturally Dog Adult Salmon is highly digestible. This helps your dog enjoy balanced, healthy digestion and can also help with the absorption of vital nutrients. Vitamin E has been included in this recipe to help strengthen the bodyÕs natural defences and help sustain a functioning immune system. IAMS Naturally Dog Adult Salmon is a natural dry food that meets all the nutritional needs of adult dogs and acts as the basis of a happy, healthy lifestyle! IAMS Naturally Dog Adult Salmon at a glance: Balanced complete dry food for adult dogs between 1 and 6 years of any breed Natural recipe: high-quality, easy to digest natural ingredients that are free from artificial flavourings With valuable animal proteins: full of protein-rich poultry and salmon to help build strong, lean muscle 14% North Atlantic salmon: particularly tasty and sustainably fished, as well as being rich in natural protein and unsaturated omega fatty acids With vitamin E: to support the bodyÕs natural defences Skin and fur health: encouraged by the omega-3 and -6 fatty acids found in salmon High fibre content: combines with highly digestible rice and prebiotics (FOS) to ensure a healthy balanced gut flora Selected ingredients: scrumptious natural ingredients to support overall wellbeing and a visibly happy dog!


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