Hunter Trainer Snack Dummy – Black – M: Black / Beige

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Fill the dummy with treats or with ordinary dry food, then throw the Hunter Trainer Snack Dummy for your dog to fetch! And now the special part: your dog will be rewarded immediately when you open the zipper and feed him right out of the dummy. This way, your pet will playfully learn to fetch and at the same time he will learn not to destroy the toy, but rather that the treat is waiting with his faithful owner. This product can also be used for a variety of training and obedience exercises. Further information regarding the Hunter Trainer Snack Dummy: Wipe-down inner-lining Easy-to-open zipper Suitable for all kinds of treats (e.g. Hunter Trainer Snacks) Colour: Small: black/orange Medium: black/beige Large: black/grey Length: Size S: 15 cm Size M: 20 cm Size L: 25 cm Picture of Size S black/orange: Hunter stands for quality and functionality. Hunter gives you high quality of individual products coupled with attractive designs, while simultaneously providing top functionality and great safety.


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