Hunter Ladybird Rubber Brush – 1 Brush

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The Hunter Ladybird Rubber Brush is a small, every-day tool made of durable plastic with rubber bristles. Thanks to its flexible, V-shaped rubber bristles, the practical Ladybird Brush is ideal for removing pet hair – also from carpets and furniture. The brush is especially handy for grooming small animals as well as horses. Simply move the brush in the direction of the V-bristles to remove loose hair and dust from your pet’s coat. The brush is great for travelling due to its small size. It can be stored in any bag so it’s always on hand. Optimal for quick cleaning on the go. Product Characteristics static rechargeable rubber v-bristles easy removal of pet hair suitable as a grooming brush, clothing brush, lint brush, upholstery brush, and travel brush due to the static charging of the v-bristles, dirt and dust can be removed from any material for removing dust, pet hair, and other particles in the open V bristles problem-free cleaning: simply rinse out with soap and water Made in Germany Hunter stands for quality and functionality. Hunter gives you high quality of individual products coupled with attractive designs, while simultaneously providing top functionality and great safety.


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