Himalayan Salt Lick – Economy Pack: 2 x 2.5kg

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The Himalayan Salt Lick ensures that your horse always has access to natural minerals and trace elements. Formed during the evaporation of prehistoric seas, this natural mineral extract is completely untainted by the pollution in modern seawater. This horse lick also contains more minerals and trace elements than commercially available refined table salt. This healthy salt lick is well-accepted by most horses due to its appetising taste and consistency. It has a hole through the middle so that it can be hung up using the attached cord. The Himalayan Salt Lick at a glance: Pure crystal salt suitable for consumption Rich in minerals and trace elements High levels of acceptance With a cord through the middle for easy hanging Please note: As this is a completely natural product, there may be some natural variation in the weight of the individual salt licks. The edges of the horse lick may crumble slightly during transportation. The Himalayan Salt Lick does not originate from the Himalayan Mountains, but rather from a ridge of hills approx. 200-300km away in the north of Pakistan.


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