Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Multi-Technology Hepa Air Purifier with CADR ratings 165 cfm



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Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Multi-Technology Hepa Air Purifier with CADR ratings 165 cfm When you want to be sure that you are getting the purest air possible, rely on the NaturoPureTM HF 310A Multi-Technology Air Purifier from Heaven Fresh. With Smart Sensors for ease of use and proprietary 5 stage purification process, it helps to eliminate virtually all impurities from your air leaving it fresh and energized. Suitable for areas up to 500 ft2 in size this amazing cleaning device is designed for low power consumption, efficient air distribution and whisper quiet operation. It’s an ideal tool for healthy living. Enjoy years of worry free operation with our comprehensive 3 years warranty. Colour: Grey Weight: 6kg Dimensions: D 40 X W 16.8 X H 48cm Material: Plastic Length of guarantee: 3 years Why do I need an Air Purifier? Introducing an air purifier to your home or office will reduce indoor air pollution such as dust, germs, viruses, allergens, carbon fumes, pet dander and odours – and will make indoor air a lot healthier for the whole family. The units produce healthy negative ions (the purest form of air) and they draw back the pollutants into the units. In the case of the smaller models, the pollutants lay on the collection plates and they should be wiped clean every month or so. The larger units are designed for more thorough cleansing and contain 5,6, or 7 different filter methods including HEPA and carbon filters as well as stainless steel collection plates. Select your air purifier by checking which units suit the room sizes in question. Then decide your reason to buy. They are especially helpful when colds, flu and viruses arrive or at allergy and asthma times, or simply for a healthier life style – for the old, the young and for all the in betweens.


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