Grumpy Cat Toys Assorted



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These fun Grumpy Cat toys are especially designed to stimulate play and interaction in your feline friend. They’re filled with catnip to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts to chase, jump and play.A pack of two smelly sardines, a blind mouse or a Grumpy Cat hair ball toy are available (each sold separately). Please note: As this product is an assorted line, the designs will be picked at random and may vary.Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation in 2012 after a picture of her grumpy face was posted online. She has a huge worldwide following: 8.7+ million Facebook likes, 428,000 followers on Twitter, 1.7m+ followers on Instagram – to name a few. The Grumpy Cat range are official licensed products made from only the best quality materials and textures.


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