Greenwoods Adult Ð Lamb & Rice – 12kg

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Greenwoods Adult complete dry food Ð Lamb & Rice provides your dog with the best nutrition possible. This tasty kibble is made with a high percentage of lamb and has been gently prepared to ensure that it retains all the nutrients and its great taste. Your pet’s good health is at the heart of every Greenwoods product and we only use carefully selected, tried and tested ingredients which are well-accepted and enjoyed by dogs. This food is made without the addition of artificial additives such as taste enhancers, colour or preservatives. In every bag of Greenwoods dry dog food you will find only hypoallergenic ingredients and a single source of animal protein so it is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions. The tasty kibble is rounded off with barley and rice both of which provide a source of vital energy as well as dietary fibre which supports a healthy digestive system. We avoid the use of ingredients such as dairy products, wheat, eggs, soya, pork or beef, which are known to trigger food allergies and intolerances. We are proud of the fact that all our premium dog food is made in the UK. At Greenwoods your petÕs well-being has always been our highest priority and thatÕs why we are committed to using honest, natural ingredients to create delicious meals that fulfil the nutritional needs of your best friend. Greenwoods is a balanced dry dog food made with selected natural ingredients: Freshly prepared lamb: Carefully processed to retain the great, natural taste Brown and white rice: A great source of carbohydrates and energy which are easy to digest and well-accepted, even by dogs with sensitive digestions Natural seaweed : Rich in prebiotic fibre and healthy iodine. Helps to maintain healthy gut flora. Yucca schidigera: Can help to minimise stool odour Chicory extract: With natural inulin to support encourage healthy gut flora Linseed: With a high omega fatty acid content, to support healthy skin and shiny fur Hypo-allergenic: Free from pork, beef, dairy products, wheat, soya or eggs Greenwoods Adult Lamb & Rice dry dog food contains the following important ingredients to help keep your dog healthy: Important vitamins , including vitamin A, D, E as well as the vitamin B complex Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which helps to protect from free radicals Chicory extract, is rich in natural inulin which supports a healthy digestive system Meets your dog’s daily mineral requirements (e.g. calcium, phosphorus) and essential trace elements (e.g. zinc, magnesium, selenium) Greenwoods Adult Ð Lamb & Rice is available in the following sizes: 2kg, 4kg (2 x 2kg) and 12kg. With so much fresh and natural goodness in every mouthful, it’s no wonder dogs want Greenwoods!


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