Gloss Tile Vinyl – £16.99 Per Square Metre



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Gloss Tile Vinyl Flooring Ð available in a choice of 2 stylish colours Recreate the stunning look of glossy tile flooring without the high price tag or difficulty that comes with having to lay the tiles yourself. Unlike the real thing, vinyl flooring has a natural level of warmth, making it lovely and comfortable to walk across in bare feet. As itÕs 2.7mm thick, itÕs cushioned too, helping to cut down the noise and provide a level of sound insulation that you donÕt get with real tiles. Ideal for a modern kitchen, itÕs available in a choice of black or white, and has a sparkling glossy finish that will really enhance the look and style of your space. ItÕs also durable and easy to clean, so keeping it in top condition is incredibly easy, while slip resistance gives you added peace of mind. Useful Info: Gloss Tile Vinyl Flooring 2.7mm thick Cushioned Easy Clean 2 colours Glossy finish Depth: 200 MM Height: 3000 MM Width: 2000 MM Care Kit: N Gloss Effect Hard Wearing Easy to Clean Cushioned R10 Slip Resistance R10 Slip Resistance


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