Ferplast Milos Medium Flowers Hamster Cage

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The Milos Medium Flowers hamster and mouse cage is enlivened with an attractive design of big colourful daisies connected to the wheel, a feature that will capture the attention of your children and help get them enthused about caring for this cute little rodent.Thanks to its spacious dimensions, the habitat can be home to various animals and has been designed so that it can also be easily connected to other accessories and/or rodent living units. You can have fun creating new routes and playrooms by further enlarging the space your furry friends live in.The cage comes with all the basic accessories and your little guest will no doubt feel right at home. There is a food dish, a water dispenser and a nice little house in which it can sleep, complete with little steps that provide it with exercise. There is even a transparent plastic shelf and a ladder.The roof of the cage comes with a hatch equipped with a safety hook to make sure it doesnÕt open accidently. It is easy to open for daily maintenance operations and housekeeping.


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