Ferplast 100cm Decor Rabbit Cage

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Rabbit 100 Decor is an attractive, comfortable rabbit hutch. It has cute decorations on the base, printed using cutting-edge technology that makes them washable and durable. There are two versions available for you to choose from, according to your taste: one version features animal decorations and the other stylized flowers. Rabbit 100 Decor provides the utmost comfort to your rodents. It is built in sturdy plastic with a painted wire mesh structure. It has a door at the front that opens completely. Inside, there are useful accessories, like a feeder, a drinking bottle and a plastic food bowl, as well as a raised shelf with a stepped wall, which is perfect as a relaxing area for your rabbit. Please note: to make sure that the decorations stay lovely and glossy, we recommend cleaning with water and mild soap only.


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