Ecor Pro D1100 85 Litre Large Dehumidifier



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The D1100 from Ecor Pro is an ultra high-capacity dehumidifier designed in the UK to meet demanding applications – such as retail environments, spas, museums, and leisure premises. When used in a swimming pool enclosure, it will provide dehumidification for large pools strong up to 60 square metres/strong ./This powerful dehumidifier will extra strong up to 85 litres of water from the air every day/strong and can either be wall-mounted (mounting kit included) or set on its feet./ Robust and durable with a high-impact full-metal chassis and grills, the D1100 remains attractive enough to be installed in public areas. It has four drainage points and must be plumbed for continuous drainage./ The D1100 has a delayed start-up system, which Ecor Pro says will prolong its life. It also includes an electronic humidistat and automatic defrost. The unit also offers the ability to add a remote humidistat./ Washable anti-bacterial filters are included and these are easy to change via the front-hinged door./ All our products are subject to a strong Price Match Guarantee/strong – meaning you can’t buy cheaper on the Web. We also deliver next working day for free and will arrange our delivery in one hour slots, so that you don’t have to wait in./


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