Dimplex DXAPV3 Viro3 HEPA Air Purifier with Active Carbon Filter



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The DXAPV3 Dimplex Air Purifier has been designed to improve the quality of air indoors reducing the presence of polluting agents such as dust cigarette smoke unpleasant odours spores bacteria pollen dust mite residues and pet dander. Air passes through an active carbon filter which helps to eliminate dust and odours. The air is then passed through a HEPA filter which is able to retain 99.97% of polluting particles with a microscopic size of 0.3m. Air purification is assisted even further with the built-in Dimplex Viro? Enviro-neutralising Technology which generates a balance of positive and negative ions from water vapour in the air. These ions cluster around harmful substances such as airborne mold viruses and allergens changing their chemical make-up and rendering them inactive and harmless to the human body. The DXAPV3 has two airflow speeds with a max air flow rate of 72m?/h low power consumption of 40W and is suitable for environments of a size up to 28m?.


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