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: Durable slow-seasoned timber All-in-one feeding station and home Encourage beneficial insects. Attract beautiful butterflies into the garden and provide them with food and shelter with this complete butterfly biome. In summer, fold down the feeding tray to serve butterfly food, sugar water and ripe fruit to your guests in the dish and nectar pot provided; when winter comes, fold it back up to enclose the house and provide a cosy place for non-migratory butterflies to overwinter. Place the butterfly biome in a sunny sheltered position, out of prevailing winds, and enjoy watching butterflies, hoverflies and bees coming to drink from the feeding cups. Made from slow-seasoned timber, the house is naturally durable so does not require additional treatments. It is finished with blue water-based paint which can be touched up to keep it looking as good as new. The biome has bark inside, but you may want to add other dry material like cut straw to create niches for other beneficial insects like ladybirds and lacewings. Also includes free native wildflower seeds and a butterfly identification and life cycle guide. Sow the seeds in spring or autumn to encourage butterflies to stop by. Please note: regularly wash the dish and nectar pot and replace food to prevent build-up of bacteria. Measurements: W24cm x D18cm x H24.5cm


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