Bozita Robur Sensitive Single Protein Salmon & Rice – Economy Pack: 2 x 12.5kg

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ÒRoburÓ is Latin for strength and size. Bozita Robur Sensitive Single Protein Salmon & Rice is a premium dry dog food ideal for dogs with food intolerances. Your dog deserves more than Òjust foodÓ and this Swedish-made nutrition is designed for averagely-active dogs, with the best quality ingredients and a balanced recipe. SwedenÕs laws on food production are very strict, to ensure that pets receive only the best, gently-processed meals. This dry kibble is rich in Scandinavian salmon (including 10% fresh salmon), which is easy for your dog to digest. Salmon is the only animal protein in the dry dog food, offering a great taste and premium protein, as well as being a fine source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. The recipe is completely wheat-free and uses rice as the main source of carbohydrate. All together, this means that Bozita Robur Sensitive Single Protein Salmon has a very low allergic potential, making it a fantastic alternative for dogs with digestive complaints The recipe of Bozita Robur has been thought through to the tiniest detail, to ensure that every ingredient used has a functional use. Whilst glucosamine and chondroitin help to maintain the mobility of joints and preserve cartilage, prebiotic FOS works to improve digestion and create a balanced gut flora. Macrogard, a yeast cell wall extract, can help to improve the bodyÕs immune defences and studies have shown it to have a positive effect on healing of inflammations, bacterial infections and allergies. Bozita Robur Sensitive Single Protein Salmon & Rice at a glance: High-premium food for adult dogs Ideal for averagely active dogs with food sensitivities or a sensitive digestive tract Best quality from Sweden: ingredients of the highest quality and strict laws that govern animal feed production. Swedish farming is known for its standards of animal welfare and safety 67% animal protein: the best amount of easily digested protein Rich in Scandinavian salmon: 23% high-quality salmon including 10% fresh salmon Completely wheat free: well tolerated, with rice as the main source of carbohydrate Macrogard for immune protection: ë_ -1.3 / 1.6 -glucans from yeast cell walls, that stimulate and boost the immune system. Studies also show positive effects on the healing of inflammations, bacterial infections and allergies Glucosamine & chondroitin for joint function: helps to improve joint movement as keep cartilage elastic Omega-3 & Omega-6: in balanced amounts, offering a variety of health-boosting characteristics, including improving skin and making your coat shiny Prebiotic FOS: promotes good digestion and a balanced gut flora Sweden Ð breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and untouched nature. The natural riches of Sweden offer the ideal conditions for producing fresh, healthy and high quality ingredients. Bozita believes in staying close to nature and that philosophy goes into the recipe of every pack of Bozita Robur dry dog food. Bozita is based in the province of VŠstergštland, the heart of SwedenÕs farming country.


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