Advance Veterinary Diets Renal Failure – Economy Pack: 2 x 12kg

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This Advance Veterinary Diets Renal Failure is a complete dry dog food formulated specifically for dogs with renal failure, with a tailored nutritional profile. It helps to create pH-neutral urine, between 6.7 and 7.5. This in turn helps to fight the formulation of oxalate stones. Thanks to the low phosphorus content of this kibble, this delicious diet can help to slow the rate of renal failure. The high potassium content also reduces symptoms associated with diuretics. Advance Veterinary Diets Renal Failure has a moderate protein content of extremely high quality. This reduces consumption of non-essential amino acids, helping minimise build up of residual nitrogen. Omega-3 fatty acids support treatment of glomerular hypertension. The addition of B-vitamins to this dish also help reduce deficiency symptoms due to the increased secretion of water-soluble vitamins into the urine. Advance Veterinary Diets Renal Failure at a glance: Specialised nutrition for dogs with renal insufficiency or failure With functional ingredients and a suitable nutrient content to reduce the symptoms of this illness and work alongside medical treatment Promotes a neutral urine pH of between 6.7-7.5: can help reduce the formulation of oxalate stones Low phosphorus content: to prevent hyperphosphataemia and slow the progress of renal failure Increased potassium content: prevents a lack of potassium due to the use of diuretics Moderate content of high-quality protein: minimises non-essential amino acids and reduce the build up of residual nitrogen High omega-3 fatty acid content: to support treatment of glomerular hypertension Limited sodium content: to regulate kidney function Added vitamin B complex: to reduce deficiency symptoms due to an increased loss of water-soluble vitamins into the urine Balanced recipe: to meet the nutrient, vitamin, mineral and trace element needs of your dog Reliable source: from a premium Spanish pet nutrition producer with over 50 years experience


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