Acana Moth Killer and Air Freshener for Airing Cupboards



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Moth Killer and Air Freshener for Airing Cupboards Acana Hanging Moth Killer and Fresheners light natural lavender use advanced technology to provide long-lasting protection from moths, their eggs and their larvae whilst continually freshening with the natural lavender oils. Effectively protects woolens,cashmere, linens, bedding, leathers & silks. decrete, modern design. Specially developed for use in airing cupboards. Registered moth killer with proven effectiveness Uses latest technology to kill moths, eggs & larvae Also freshens with a light natural lavender Each unit lasts up to 3 months. easy to fix With visual “end of life” indicator Only product of its type on the uk market Material: plastic Weight: 30g Dimensions: Depth 4cm x Width 4cm x Height 7.5cm Guarantee: 12 months from date of delivery


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