8in1 Delights Chews Sticks – 75g (3 Sticks)

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8-in-1 Delights are the patented, healthy way to reward your dog and care for its teeth and gums at the same time. They are exceptionally tasty, natural and odour-neutral. Without artificial colours or flavour enhancers. 8-in-1 Delights contain plenty of tasty chicken which is wrapped in layers with crunchy and durable beef skin. The meat encourages your dog to chew, nibble and gnaw away. The crispy meat snack 8-in-1 Delights ensures long chewing fun that your four-legged friend won’t be able to get enough of! The good-quality meat used in 8-in-1 Delights chews and sticks make them simply irresistible for any dog. Meat chunks at the edge arouse delightful anticipation of the juicy chicken within. You can be sure that your dog will leave no left-overs. Juicy! Meaty! Chewy! – fantastic chewing fun for your dog, and clean gratification for you. Better still, 8-in-1 Delights are not just simple chews. They also promote your dog’s tooth health. Nibbling and gnawing strengthen jaw muscles, clean teeth and massage gums. An altogether healthy and delicious snack with a really special taste. Advantages of 8-in-1 Delights at a glance: For dogs weighing 2kg – 35kg New, improved recipe 100% nature No artificial colours or flavourings Unique chew snack with crunchy meat-bite Plenty of good-quality chicken, wrapped in layers of tough and crunchy beef skin Encourages the natural gnawing instinct Different sizes for the individual dog Beneficial for teeth and gums Durable chewing fun Will be completely eaten up – no unwanted left-overs! Whether as a reward or simply because he’s so happy you’ve come home: with 8-in-1 Delights you’re sure to give your dog high spirits – we anticipate a lot of tail wagging! Even if you’re busy you can keep your dog happy and occupied with 8-in-1 Delights. Your dog will rejoice over 8-in-1 Delights. So you can rejoice over your dog!


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