Five of the Best: Tabletop Christmas Trees

Since Prince Albert introduced the tradition to Victorian England, we’ve enjoyed displaying Christmas Trees in our homes – whether they’re the real, needle-shedding, thing or their plastic counterparts. In more recent times, we’ve expanded the trend and added pint-sized versions around the home and even on the Christmas dining table top! Today we pick out five of our favourite tabletop Christmas trees, each of which is guaranteed to brighten up and bring seasonal warmth to your festive dining table!

Modern Copper Maisons du Monde metal tabletop Christmas tree

Modern Copper Metal tabletop Christmas tree – £20.39, Maisons du Monde

Maison du Monde’s Christmas tree looks rather stark in its naked form (and, please note, the baubles shown here aren’t included – it’s just the frame) but once adorned with decorations it is transformed, as you can see! At 95cm high and 64cm wide, it’s small enough for the table but not too diminutive to get lost as a floor decoration, and is available in a silver-coloured version as well as in the goldtone variety shown here.
Silver M&S Table Top Retreat Tree with Baubles

Silver Table Top Retreat Tree with Baubles – £15, M&S

Described as a ‘boutique bristle tree’, M&S’s decoration is a petite 39cm high and covered in silver glitter and baubles (in two sizes) which gives the impression that it is covered in frost. Sitting on a flat, circular base, it is 39cm high (and 39cm in diameter) and is available in a version that’s a more traditional green with red baubles.

60cm Flocked Table Top Tree by Ace

Flocked Table Top Tree – £29.99, Ace

Something more traditional now, as we introduce Ace’s tabletop Christmas tree which sports realistic pine needle fronds as well as frosted natural pine cones, red berries and metallic red baubles. With a flocked finish, the tree stands at 60cm high and will work well either as a centrepiece on your dining table or on a side table anywhere in the home.

Thumbs Up Inflatable 45cm Christmas Tree
Thumbs Up Inflatable 45cm Christmas Tree – £9.99, Thumbs Up

And now for something completely different…this inflatable Christmas tree by Thumbs Up is perfect if you want to avoid Christmas clutter – it’s 54cm high when inflated but deflates to virtually nothing, using up a negligible amount of storage space until you need to display it in 12 months’ time! It sits on a red base and twelve baubles in white and red are included.

Pre-Lit 3D Christmas Tabletop Tree with Colour Changing LED Lights by The Seasonal Aisle

Pre-Lit 3D Christmas Tabletop Tree with Colour Changing LED Lights – £6.33 (was £9.99), The Seasonal Aisle

In our experience it’s always a bit hit-and-miss when the Christmas lights are dug out – will they work for another year? Bypass them and introduce this 3D tree decoration to your home! Standing atop a silver, rectangular wooden base, this battery-operated ornament (it requires 3 x AA batteries) is illuminated by two colour-changing LEDs and decorated with an abundance of stars.


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